8888 Sewer Rats

Born and Raisedon the

Ethereum Blockchain

Sewer Rats are digital collectibles living on the Ethereum Blockchain... each randomly generated from 188 unique hand-drawn properties. A smart contract ensures no more than 8888 rats will ever exist. Rats are minted as ERC-721 tokens and their metadata is stored on IPFS. Each of these bastards costs 0.05 ETH to mint.

Each rat is entitled to claim 10,000 CHIZ tokens to spend at the CHIZ shop.

Spend your CHIZ tokens to get the latest and greatest NFT drops — 100% free.

$CHIZ is a real ERC20 token — the official currency of the Social Club. $CHIZ can be used to obtain NFT's, exclusive merch drops, raffle tickets to raffles and other things we can't tell you about yet.

Ownership of a Sewer Rat grants the holder access to the most underground circle in the NFT scene.

We Are Sold out

Available on OpenSea

Rats believe in Democracy.

The Rat DAO

Enables every rat to be heard.

Wen drop?

Last 10% left to mint

Wen reveal?

Immediatly after purchase


Aiming for early August

How are rats created?

When a Mommy rat and a Daddy rat love each other very much, an algorithm randomly selects traits from a large pool, and mints a never before seen Sewer Rat.

Can they breed?

Not yet.

What are the odds of having 2 duplicate rats?


What is this about rights?

You own the commercial rights to your Sewer Rat, for as long as you have it in your Ethereum wallet.

How many can I buy?

Limited to 15 per transaction

The Cheddaz

The Cheddaz are 8888 randomly generated dairy-based pets.

Every rat is entitled to one random chedda.

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